Determining A Year-Round Landscaping Plan

A large yard area needs to have a landscaping plan for all four seasons. This should include landscaping design Lakeland to accommodate the different weather trends. Since flowers, plants, and trees bloom at separate times, this will need to be noted in the plan. Landscapers can work with the grounds crew to ensure the area is taken care of and thriving during each season. They can also help them to put a commercial landscaping Lakeland plan together based on the area of the yard. Listed below are a few thoughts on a plan for each season.

Landscaping in the Spring

The spring season is when many people begin their landscaping plans for the year. It is also a time when the weather is nice enough to not have to worry about overgrown grass and an abundance of weeds. This allows a company to begin the process of testing irrigation systems and making repairs to them, if needed, along with fertilizing the soil for what they are planning to plant. Some companies will test the soil first to know how much fertilizer is needed for healthy planting. This is also a good time to determine areas of the yard where plants will thrive the best. For example, some plants may do better in shaded, moist areas versus dry, sunny areas.

Landscaping for the Summer

Landscaping during the summer is hard to plan for. With high temperatures and daily, heavy rainfall, landscaping during this season takes a lot of patience. Flower beds will need plants that thrive in high temperatures such as different types of lilies and gladiolus. This is also a good time to plant palm trees so they can be established before any of the cold weather comes in.

Landscaping in Autumn

This season is good for getting the yard straightened up. Some perennials should be replanted during the fall, and this is also a good time to fertilize the grass. With milder temperatures and less rain, the need for irrigation is not as great.

Landscaping during Winter Months

Most landscape plans for the winter include the pruning of trees and shrubs. It may also include winterizing the irrigation system. Winter is also a good time to put fresh mulch in beds to cover the roots of any plants and keep them from freezing.

A good commercial landscaper will ensure everything is handled by their crew and they have completed the job thoroughly. A company like this typically will have great referrals and can be easily found. If you are looking for landscaping Lakeland, it may be wise to start online with research about landscape installation Lakeland ideas to know what to ask or request. The landscape company can help you through the remaining process.